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College level

College level


Our college books are designed to meet the future career needs for the college students.

There are 4 books for this level which are "Speak Chinese in 10 Lessons," Student workbook for Speak Chinese in 10 lessons," Chinese Phrases and Grammar Made Easy," Survival Chinese for Tours and Business Trips."

The book of " Speak Chinese in 10 Lessons" provides the foundation of speaking Chinese. It builds up the learners ability to speak different types of sentences. After this book, the learners or the Mandarin instructors could choose the rest of 3 books for their continuing to higher levels.

Level1:  Speak Chinese in 10 Lessons could help you to form the ability to make different type of sentence on your own.

This book also have Student workbook available to enhance your learning.

Level 2 : Strengthen the ability to for increasing number of Chinese phrases and 

provides the simple and clear rules of Mandarin for practical use in daily life. You are not going to learn the complicated rules for becoming a Chinese linguist.:-)

These rules are listed with clear and comprehensive explanation which lead you to speak more Chinese naturally.

Level 3: Survival Chinese for Tours and Business Trips could be used as Level 2 or Level 

Survival Chinese for Tours and Business Trips”


(1) Speak basic Chinese when hosting a meeting
(2) Be able to have “a small talk” in Chinese when doing business. (3) Basic phrases regarding “business transactions.”

(4) Be able to have a basic conversation when making a phone call.
(5) Be able to speak basic Chinese with the hotel staff when staying in a hotel. (6) Be able to speak basic Chinese when taking taxi.
(7) Know to get help when visiting the hospital.
(8) Know how to do transactions at the bank.
(9) Know to do business transaction at the post of ce.
(11) Speak Chinese in a restaurant.
(12) Know how to have a small talk when making friends.
(13) Ask for directiions
(14) Know to use daily expressions in Chinese languages.